Hello, my name is

Darrin Lofton

I’m an American entrepreneur, world traveler, and magnate investor.

I, Darrin Lofton, am the current President at Pacific Air Holdings Worldwide Aircraft Leasing and have been for over 5 years as well as owner of several businesses. I became an entrepreneur at a young age, and I have been in the aircraft industry for more than 2 decades. My Darrin Lofton businesses include KSNL Aero in Shawnee OK, Kairos Air Services in Jakarta Indonesia, and Pacific Air Holdings.

I, Darrin Lofton, have visited just about every continent on the planet, had numerous incomparable experiences, met a lot of cool people, and have eaten some amazing food. Throughout my career and years of travel, along with my wife Angie, I have learned that there are so many highly skilled people in the world whose development is grossly restricted not by their own lack of aspirations or desires, but simply due to their unfortunate circumstances.

As a successful American entrepreneur, I have the ability to help people less fortunate than I. Those are the people I enjoy giving opportunities to the most. For several years, the goal of my businesses have been to provide jobs to those who might not receive equal employment opportunities otherwise.

This world is full of so many people lacking opportunities, and I, Darrin Lofton, have made it my life’s mission to help those less fortunate than myself. There are vast markets to explore, friendships to be made, and adventures to be had–for everyone! My, Darrin Lofton, businesses aim to treat other human beings with dignity and respect regardless of circumstances. I believe that it’s never too late to start a new habit of kindness and patience with others. I’m Darrin Lofton, thanks for visiting my website.

Fun Facts About Me

  •  I can speak fluent English, some Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, as well as a little bit of Thai
  • I have been married 16 years, to my beautiful wife, Angie.
  • I love to read (my favorite book is the Bible)
  • I partnered with one of the first Papuan Indonesian Citizens to work in the Presidential Palace who is also a member of President Joko Widodo’s


Explore my Businesses

Below are links to each of my businesses as well as how you can contact each location for business! In order to provide the most employment opportunities, my businesses only hire locally.


KSNL Aero repair station emerged from the Shawnee Regional Airport in 2018. Over the past couple of years, KSNL Aero hangar has assisted pilots all over the world from Thailand, Barbados, St. Maarten, Indonesia, Israel, and all of the United States. The repair station is FAA-Certified, offering services to larger planes and airlines. Learn more about KSNL Aero here.

Pacific Air Holdings

Pacific Air Holdings is an aircraft leasing company located in the Shawnee Regional Airport in Oklahoma. Cessna Caravan aircrafts from Pacific Air Holdings have been operated in every corner of the world, without a middle man. All the aircrafts at Pacific Air Holdings are owned by them. Learn more about Pacific Air Holdings here.


Ikairos Air

Ikairos Air is an air service company located in Papua that delivers cargo, goods, and passengers all over Indonesia. Developing in 2019, Ujauris Air survived a global pandemic and continues to offer high quality services. Learn more about Ikairos Air here.

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Indonesian man launches air charter company in Oklahoma

SHAWNEE, Okla. (AP) — It’s quiet in the back room at the Shawnee Regional Airport.
Aside from sniffling, the occasional air motor and a phone ringing, it’s quiet.
Bert Murib, a native of Papua, Indonesia, wiped away his tears as he explained why he traveled about 8,350 miles to Shawnee, Oklahoma.
His tears may have stopped, but his motivation to help his people have a constant flow of food, clothes, resources and independence will never end.

Murib has been on a roller coaster journey trying to help his people stand on their own two feet. He said he was left with guiding words from his father, Chief Nokogi, to do so.

But Murib never met his father, he only knows him from a photo. When Murib’s mother was pregnant with him, his father died. However, he left behind a will instructing Murib to help his people.

“I will do everything, I will give up my life for this responsibility,” Murib said. “I live, I work, to serve my people.”

To start this mission — one Murib feels is his mission from God — Murib began an air charter cargo company, since there’s hardly any land transportation in Papua, the eastern province of Indonesia, the Shawnee News-Star reported.

Murib attempted to lease a helicopter from Russia to bring resources to villages in the mountains. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get the proper permit from the Indonesian government and the plan fell through.

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